Honest Love

Honestly I can tell you that I love you with 100% of my being..Honestly I can tell you that I miss your soft tan skin against mine while we lay in my bed..Honestly I can tell you that our kiss is the most powerful thing I’ve ever felt in my life..Honestly I can tell you that I would love to run my hands threw your soft brown hair..Honestly I can tell you that I would do anything to keep our love alive.. Honestly I can tell you that I’ve never meant to hurt you..Honestly I can tell you that I have never lied to you..Honestly I can tell you that I’ve never wanted anything as bad as you..Honestly i’m jealous of everyone who gets to see you everyday..Honestly I can tell you that you are my world and that I would die if I didn’t have you…Baby honestly…Im in love with you..and only you..Forever…

Can we just love each other and not make it complicated…I want our love all day everyday. Its become a need..baby…please. 

Trust and change is all I need. 

I could be your everything,
But your not showing me anything.
Relationship Goal <3 Working out together! ;) -Caitlin

Relationship Goal <3 
Working out together! ;) 

Were not together
But we are
We remain together
No matter how far
Forever is the question
What is yours?
We all know what happens behind closed doors
Bed Peace &lt;3 

Bed Peace <3 

Bed Peace :)

Bed Peace :)


Change- To make or become different; Alter. 
Baby I love you. But until you figure out what you want in life or with me I cant help you. I want you bad. But I only want you if you will change, change back to the you that I once had. 

You tell me that you will change for me and you want me as bad as I want you but I don’t see that at all. Honestly you would rather blow me off all day and get high with your friends. If that is what you really want in life then go right on ahead. You will amount to nothing and end up like your family wether you like it or not. I have tried countless times to help you but nothing works from a distance. Even when I tell you that you will lose me.. the one you love you still wont stop smoking and carrying on. If you still lived with me like we were in the beginning you never acted this way. Ever sense you started smoking and hanging around Shawn you have become an awful person. Angel I love you but I hate the new you. Missing and looking back on the old us makes me want to cry because honestly I miss that you! That you was successful! That you had people that loved you for you! That you was going to be someone in life with the woman of his dreams!  This you just wants to get high and blow off life. Thats no way to live. It breaks me so much to see you this way. 

The two weeks is up. If you want me I need to know, and not with a simple “I want you.” Honestly if you want me back you HAVE to change. ALLOT! Because I want the OLD you, not the you you have become. STOP blowing me off. Make time for me. SHOW me you care. STOP making excesses and own up to this relationship and be a man. Your 17 now Angel. This is the time to build your life. Not watch it crumble blunt in hand.  

TELL me what you want and how much you love me… 
STOP being this you…. You’re not only hurting me, but yourself. 

- Caitlin 

Happy 17th Birthday Angel <3

                Hey baby <3 
I just want to start our by saying that I know were not “together” right now..But I still love you will all my heart and I hope for the best for you!
Im using this photo to take it back all the way when our relationship used to be simple, when there was only time for us <3 
In that photo I feel like it was us against the world! <3 
We made promises, we laughed, cuddled, and did whatever we wanted to <3 
I remember our usual weekends consisting of allot of that! But also the fact that we would wake up and get ready to walk to your house at 6am just so we could go to your house and sleep and cuddle untill we wanted to wake up! Then walking me home at about 12:00 and it still not ever being enough time for us. Even tho we satyed up all night talking to one another <3 
I miss that us <3 
Somewhere between then and now we got lazy… It hurts but it happends to the best of couples <3 
We still love eachother all the same the only thing that changed was how much affection we showed for one another and then after we got to go back to school and we got jobs there was really not time for “us” <3 
We need to change this us into a better one baby <3 
I want the cute us that we once were <3 
I know its hard to find time and our technology isnt the best but hell our love is the strongest thing we have <3 
Then we didnt have to worry about life and a future, now we do. We have to worry about school and what we are going to do when we graduate. Baby <3 
Honestly I cant picture my life plan without you! <3 
I think of us going to school and working hard on our dreams together and being eachothers inspiration until we graduate and get what we want in life. After we get that we can start buying a house, cars, and having a family with each other <3 
It seems so perfect to me baby <3 

I dont really know what we were thinking when we agreed on going on this “break” but i guess we really werent thinking at all. 
But I hope it was a big wakeup call for you and I that we need to change <3 

Baby you are vary good to me <3
But the things I NEED you to change are:
1. Stop getting mad over little things. meaning, if I dont text you back for a while you should be thinking,” i know she loves me so shes probably just doing something important right now.” or all the other things you get mad about for no reason. I NEED you to sit back and think about everything before you send me a mean text, or think anything negative. 
2. I NEED you to TRUST me. Baby if we dont have trust we dont have anything. You know you are the only guy ive touched, kissed, cuddled with, done anything sexual with, and even talked to in the past year and almost 10 months! If you really dont have that threw your skull now you really worry me! <3 
3. Help me find time for us, we need to schedule a time that is good for us to talk on the phone and hear eachothers voice or play little LDR games with eachother <3 
4. Flirt with me more <3 Keep the conversation going and act like that cute sweet baby you were when we first met! <3 
and 5. Whenever you have a question about our relationship I need you to talk to me about it. No matter if you think its going to make me mad or anything. If we have a problem with something in our relationship we need to be upfront with it from now on! I need you to mature baby! <3 
Your 17 now <3 

Baby Im telling the truth, when we get back together you better have changed! Because the minute I start to feel the old you comming back im done. I cant handle my life being like that anymore baby <3 

Promise me this  time you WILL change.

I believe we can do this if we really try <3 

I know we have a love like no other!! <3 
I feel it in my heart! 

You are and always will be my everything!! <3 

Forever and always! <3 

Angel&Devil! <3 

I miss you with all my heart baby!!! <3 
I would do anything to hold you, kiss you, hug you, laugh with you, run my fingers through your soft dark brown hair, and look into those beautiful kind brown eyes and tell you I love you! <3 

You is all that I need in this world to be happy <3 

But we have to wait our the distance and not let it eat us alive! <3 

I wont let it beat us again baby <3 

So im asking you…..If you change for real this time! Be the man that I need in my life again, trust me with all your heart, and make time for me like we first met….Will you be my boyfriend again? <3 :) 
(Well hell we never really stopped talking anyway) but still <3 :’) 

I Love you with all that I have! <3 
And ever will be… <3 

I love YOU Angel Ruben Sanchez <3 

Happy 17th Birthday <3 

Love ALWAYS Caitlin Nicole Fisher <3 :) 
AKA: Devil